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Brand Partner Suppers

Think of us as your brand's experiential partners. A Filigree Suppers Brand Partner Supper is a great way for your brand to connect with our community and reach a new audience. We partner with brands that have amazing products and a great aesthetic. From flatware to liquor, from furniture to food, we work with a variety of brands that would like a theme built around them. We then curate the perfect combination of complimentary food and design components to make the event a success and keep people talking. 

Eligibility for a Partner Supper Collaboration

•Local or national brands that are looking to grow their audience or take their brand into a physical experience.

•Brands looking for a unique event to use for marketing or content purposes.

•Larger design focused brands that want to create a series of events around a specific product line.

•New restaurants or venues that would like to show off the space.

 Why Partner with Filigree Suppers ?

Connect with our community and with people we know will love your brand.

We help you connect with a variety of social media influencers who will post about your brand and it’s partnership with the event.

Develop gorgeous content about a unique experience. We have a network of amazing lifestyle photographers who will make sure that every detail of the event speaks to your core audience.

How it works:

For a single design fee, we will make sure your event is beautifully executed with all the right people at the table. Venue and rentals, food and beverage, photographer and other design elements are additional. Service is available in Chicago, NYC and beyond!

Private Dining

This is a way to bring the Filigree Suppers experience to a private dining atmosphere. We bring the Filigree aesthetic to a location of your choosing and pull together a private dinner for you and your favorite guests.

Content Development & Story Telling

Looking for a whimsical spin on your brand? We love getting our hands dirty and using your product to tell a new story. We have connections with a variety of talented lifestyle and food photographers, and together will deliver exciting and unique images for any publication or social media outlets. We also love snapping our own photos and can offer our unique point of view through social media takeovers.  


With over fifteen years of experience in corporate settings, we have been through our share of team building and development workshops. A Filigree Workshop is a little different. We use food, styling and design as a way for your team to connect and build relationships. It’s fun, low pressure and a wonderful way to enable your team to develop new products and new ways of thinking.

Design Partnerships

With comprehensive experience developing products and textiles for both home and fashion, we can help refresh product lines and design new ones with our hand-made aesthetic and unique point of view.

Travel Diary

We love to travel, meet new people, and delve into any local scene where art flourishes and new communities are formed. For a Filigree Suppers #traveldiary we will create a world of content based on our favorite finds in any destination. Perfect for hotels and hospitality, we will tell your story through our #traveldiary lens. 

Photo: Nancy Neil

Photo: Nancy Neil