Filigree #partnersuppers 

A Filigree Suppers #partnersupper is a great way for your brand to connect with our community and reach a new audience. We partner with brands that have amazing products and a great aesthetic. From flatware to liquor, from furniture to food, we work with a variety of brands that would like a theme built around them. We then curate the perfect combination of complimentary food and design components to make the event a success and keep people talking. 

Eligibility for a #partnersupper Collaboration

·      Local or national brands that are looking to grow their audience.

·      Brands looking for a unique event to use for marketing or content purposes.

·      Larger design focused brands that want to create an event around an American-Made product line.

·      New restaurants or venues that would like to show off the space.

 Why Partner with Filigree Suppers for a #partnersupper?

·      Connect with our community and with people we know will love your brand.

·      We help you connect with a variety of social media influencers who will post about your brand and it’s partnership with the event.

·      Develop gorgeous content about a unique experience. We have a network of amazing lifestyle photographers who will make sure that every detail of the event speaks to your core audience.

How it works:

For a single design and PR fee, we will make sure your event is beautifully executed with all the right people at the table. Venue and rentals, food and beverage, photographer and other design elements are additional. Service is available in Chicago, NYC and beyond!